"Operation Care Package"

We will continue to collect donations until November 9th.

Suggested items to donate:


•    non-perishable snacks-nuts, pumpkin/sunflower seed, granola bars (no chocolate), jerky (NO PORK)
•    hard candy, gum, mints
•    drink mixes-water flavoring packets, kool-aid, instant breakfast mixes
•    instant soup/hot cereal in a cup
•    canned bean or cheese dips
•    crackers-Triscuits, Ritz, Wheat Thins, Club, graham, etc.
•    dried/freeze dried fruit chips
•    teabags, ground or instant coffee(no glass)
•    seasonings and condiments-hot sauce(plastic bottle), individual packets from fast food
•    personal care items-baby wipes, lip balm, petroleum jelly(Vaseline), lotion, floss, floss picks, zinc oxide

      cream(tubes only), q-tips, sunscreen, eye drops, foot powder, eye glass wipes/cloths

it's time to pack the boxes to complete "Operation Care Package"!  Our collection effort at Walmart was a huge success and it appears that we will be able to send care packages to all 322 deployed soldiers. 

Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 9th and Sunday, November 10th from 8am to 1pm. Come for an hour or two or the whole time. Any helpis appreciated. A light lunch will be provided.